With 15+ years of experience in leadership and software quality assurance, I have collaborated with individuals and teams to identify shared objectives, talent development opportunities, best practices and standards, business process improvements, and innovative tactics to encourage adoption of new concepts, tools, and methods of interaction.  I have a Doctorate in Business Administration, with a specialization in Leadership, and my chosen area of research centers on the capabilities of software test professionals. My goal as a leadership scholar practitioner is to create positive, engaged environments where all stakeholders readily, and collaboratively, contribute fully to the desired goals.   I love embarking on exciting new adventures (traveling, hiking, dining) with my husband/best-friend. As an avid amateur photographer, I rarely go anywhere without a camera in hand.

what i am known for

Business Analyst Consultant Functional Testing intergration Testing Mannual Testing Public Speaker/Public Speaking Software Tester Test Lead Test Manager

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